The Pain of Discipline or the Pain of Regret

We are taking a moment today to step outside of the normal content of this blog to discuss something that we think is very relevant to your mortgage needs.

The pain of discipline or the pain of regret is a choice that we face every day. We are giving the choice to get out of bed or to hit the snooze button. Hitting the snooze button can make us late to one of our many obligations. Our lives today are filled with obligations that we Must attend. We are constantly running from one event to another and we are barely taking the time to be present in the moment. The day is over now and we hear that alarm again: Do we give into the pain of discipline or the pain of regret?

Just stop for a second and think of all the things that we as human beings like to do. Working out (OK that is an opinion), networking, blogging, working, eating, vacationing, attending Church, reading or watching TV. Each and every one of those items asks the question of pain or regret just before we engage. Example: Yesterday I opened the freezer and for the first time in a long time there were Dibs in there. I looked at them and I thought to myself do I really want to eat those? I did and initially there was no regret but when I stepped on the scale to maintain my health I felt the regret of indulgence.

Many of us are simply living life to fast!  Many times we are not focused and the lack of focus has us off in so many directions we do not know which way is up. We must focus on what will bring us balance, joy, harmony and happiness in our life. To do so we must do the following which is the very hardest thing to do. We must say “no” to the good things so that we may say “yes”  to the best things! This practice will lead us to regretfully tell some of our friends no I am sorry we cannot, cut out the dinner splurge at Round Table Pizza and cook as a family etc. In Business, this can be very hard to do because we are always looking to develop relationships. We commit to a million different events and in the end we cannot be present for them all.

The term that I heard from Jim Burns (Author) that best summarizes everything above is that many of us are in “Crisis mode living.”  The Economy is in shambles, job loss, divorce, sickness, retirements being lost overnight, banks dropping like flies, and of course the Real Estate Market is facing some challenges. People are switching to survival mode and when that happens we tend to speed up and lose focus. The loss of focus leads to experiencing the pain of regret more frequently as we are unable to remain disciplined.  “Crisis Mode Living” simply wipes us out.

Wiped Out

Wiped Out

“Untended fires soon become a pile of ashes.” Break down your day and cut out everything that does not bring you what you are looking for in life. Give up the bunko game to focus more on the family. Our family feels the pinch when we live in crisis mode. It is our job to slow down and let the storm pass. Tend to what needs to be tended and leave the rest for another day.

So how does all of this relate in the least bit to Real Estate. We have right now one of the greatest opportunties to buy or invest in Real Estate. See a great article written by Kevin Nakano of Nakano Real Estate We  have the chance to get in while the market prices are low as well as the rates. The perfect storm if you will. In order to take advantage of that we have to step out of the “Crisis Mode Living” economy and focus on what the “Best” choices for our families are. Do not listen to all the others that are telling you to wait because interest rates and prices will continue to fall. If they are not in the industry and they are offering advice to you be aware of the source. Don’t get me wrong it may not be the time for you to buy. You may need to work on some things to be in the appropriate position to do so. That is why it is so important to ask yourself the following:

Will this decision lead to “The pain of discipline or the pain of regret?” What can you do without and how can you go deeper with what you do need in your life. Whether you are a business owner, a homemaker, a first time home buyer, a move up buyer, investor or simply someone looking to grow yourself it is important to know that discipline can be painful. It can hurt to do things or not to do things. The question is: What hurts worse Discipline or Regret?


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