Spring board into your new home!

Spring is back and the weather is great! Well, let’s just say that the weather is getting better. It does not want to make up it’s mind. It is hot one day and then rainy the next. Today, here in Roseville, we got a little bit of both. We got rain and shine and we even had a rainbow and a leprechaun who must have gotten lost. All that being said I did see through the constant change some great for sale signs out there on some great properties.

Spring is Back!

Spring is Back!

It may be hard to get out there in a car and go look for a home when the rain is coming down and the clouds are dark. It can bring down the attitude and it can make the best of home look dreary. When the sun comes out everything looks a bit prettier and exciting. The flowers are blooming and the allergies are in full effect.

What makes buying a home right now such a great opportunity. It is not the weather although it certainly makes it a lot more enjoyable of a task. Well, there are a few reasons to make the move and spring board into your new home:

1) Extremely Low interest Rates – Historically speaking we are seeing all time lows in our rates. Rates have been in the mid 4’s and have consistently hovered around the high 4’s low 5’s. It cannot get better than that and if it does I am certain that there will be something going on that none of us would want to see.

Why Not?

Why Not?

2) Low Home Prices – The prices on homes today and nearly half of what they were in 2005. This is only four years ago. The affordability is back. If you take a look at price per square foot on many of the resales you will see that you could not build the home that you are looking at for that cheap.



3) First Time Buyers Credit of $8,000 – The federal government is willing to give you an $8.000 credit when you file your taxes. This is cash in hand that you can receive and the best part of it is that you do not have to pay it back. Get a rebate for your home purchase. Yes, It does smell a lot like cell phone rebates or car rebates.

Put them in your pocket!

Put them in your pocket!

4) New Home Purchase Credit of $10K in California – If you are in the state of California they will give you an additional 10K for buying a new home. This credit is payable over three years at $3,333 per year and the only requirement is too live in the home for three years. This does not have to be repaid either.

Never been lived in!

Never been lived in!

There are many other reasons to get in to your first home or to upgrade to a bigger home. I am sure that each and everyone of you can think of several reasons of your own. The reasons above are just a few that ring a bell to home-buyers that I work with. When fear is present in society opportunity lurks in the air. Cast away any fear that you may have and get a hold of your favorite Mortgage Broker and your Favorite Realtor and get out there and take advantage of the times. Spring  is back and it is time to Spring board in to your new home!


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