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10 Benefits a Great Realtor will add to your Purchase Experience!

Congratulations! You have decided to take the steps to become a homeowner in today’s market. This is no small task and it can be overwhelming. Many new buyers start there search online on their own. In fact 82% of buyers start their search online. I understand that you do not want to be sold or bound to a Real Estate agent. I get it but you have to do your due diligence and hire a professional. Here are 10 benefites a great Realtor will add to your purchase experience:

1) Professional Advice – Real Estate agents are trained in the very thing you are looking to accomplish, Finding the right home. They can offer professional advice on Style, Location, and Price. They also have knowledge or professional contacts to make sure the structure, floor plan, area are all up to your standards. There is no substitute to Professional Advice.

2) No Cost to You – As a buyer you do not pay the commission of your selling agent. They are paid by the seller for finding you and selling the sellers home to you. It does not cost you anything. Their time they spend with you, the advice they give you, and all the additional benefits come at no expense to you until they find you the right home and you agree to buy it.

3) Negotiation – Realtors are skilled negotiators. A large portion of the job that they do is negotiating the right price and terms of your purchase. This can be the difference and to me very well could be the number one benefit.

4) Expanded Search – Agents not only have access to the local MLS but they also have access to a network of other agents that have inside knowledge on upcoming properties. This extends in most cases above and beyond their own company. Overtime Real Estate agents build strong relationships with colleagues. It is like water cooler talk. In the end you may be the beneficiary.

5) Knowledge of the Area – You may be familiar with the area that you are buying in and you may not. Agents are generally connected with the chamber of commerce, local churches, school associations and restaurants through their farm. Many agents concentrate on specific areas and know everything there is to know about that area.

6) Determine overall value to insure appropriate price –  Agents have knowledge of values and sale prices that are accurate in your market. It is their job to stay current with market values and sales in today’s market. There are two markets going on today: The normal market and the distressed REO market. Realtors can help you navigate the two markets and help you to determine the appropriate value or price you may offer.

7) Limit Liability – An agent can limit your liability and make sure that you are protected as a buyer. There are time frames, contingency periods that a buyer must meet and there are contractual obligations to meet. Your agent will guide you through this process and help you to make educated decisions regarding your liability.

8) Emotion Manager – The market today can be very stressful for a buyer. It is essential to control your emotions. You cannot get attached to a property. If you write an offer on a short sale it is essential to understand that you may be waiting for a long period of time and your agent will help set that expectation keeping your emotions in check.

9) Simple Explanations to Complex Issues – Your agent will break down complex situations so that you can understand them fully. It can be very overwhelming upfront but your agent will break down a complex process and help you to understand the little pieces. This will be a major life-changing event and the Real Estate agent will help simplify it.

10) Experience only time and transactions can provide – Your agent has seen nearly all the situations that you may encounter during your purchase. From uncovering a hidden defect, loan issues, property not appraising, title defects, zoning, septic, well, inappropriate disclosure, and many more. They are there to help you understand the concerns that may arise and help work through any situation they may not have experienced.

If you are in the Sacramento  Area or Sonoma County Area I recommend the following Real Estate Agents. I have worked with each and everyone of them at some point. In my opinion each of them comprises everyone of these benefits described above. Please contact me for their contact information as out of respect for them I will not post it.

Sacramento Area – Dayna Neuse Remax Gold Roseville , Peter Bond Remax GoldRoseville, Karen Wallace Lyon Real EstateRoseville, Robert Wallace Lyon Real EstateRoseville, Kevin Nakano Nakano Realty Elk Grove, Bryan Hill Pacific Coast RealtyRoseville, Nathan Novelo Connect Realty Antelope, George Snyder Lyon Real Estate Roseville and many others. I am sorry if I missed you here are there are too many of you too mention.

Sonoma County – Brook Terhune Platinum Real Estate Santa Rosa, Delia Nieto Coldwell Banker Santa Rosa, Larry Mitchell CPS Real Estate Santa Rosa.

In summary, it is imperative that you use the services of a qualified Real Estate agent. It is up to you to interview each and every Real Estate agent that you may want to work with. Determine who is a good fit for you. Communication is the key to every relationship and it is a two way street. Qualified Real Estate agents will help you have a successful buying experience.


House Hunting! 6 survival tips to help avoid house hunting blues.

Early this morning I got up just like I do every day and went through the morning routine. Coffee, reading, breakfast with the kids etc. You know the routine. Then I left to go to work for the day. While I was leaving the house the wierdest thhing happen to me. As I walked to the car my neigh bor was walking back to his house from the mailbox. I don’t talk to this neighbor very often. He is an older retired guy. As I was getting in the car he said to me: “Go Get Em! Don’t Stop Now.” Many of you may be asking the following question; What does this have to do with House Hunting?

Survival Tips

1) Accept the support around you – Talking only to your spouse or your colleagues about the frustrations of the offer righting stagge of the game can lead to more frustration. Talk to your professionals and ask them to explain to you why responses are so slow. Why the bank does not seem to care that you are trying to do the right thing by only submitting one offer at a time. Ask your professional to explain what may be an effective offer and why is it so hard to get in contract if it is a buyers market. Your professional should be able to help you at least understand the why of the above which will releive some of the frustration.

2) – Enjoy the Hunt – Make the house hunt a game. Enjoy the process of the whole thing. Write down items that you like from each of the houses on paper. Write down the qualities you must have and the items that you would like. Talk to your partner about how to work on the projects together and what colors you would do etc. It could very well be a long hunt. You have waited 20 plus years in most cases so dont get so excited that you forget to enjoy the process.

3) – Plan for It – If you have a written plan for the process that you fit into your normal calender then it does not disrupt ytour life so much. Schedule a time that you have specifically set aside for the viewing of homes. Schedule it like you schedule the gym or work or playdates for the kids. By doing this you avoid the feeling that the hunt has taken over your life. It helps to keep you from having the feeling that your life is off track and you are unorganized.

4) Know that you will be rejected – One of the hardest things to cope with is the rejection of an offer that you thought was a winning offer and the house was “EXACTLY” what you were looking for. Just like finding your life partner it will take work. It will take practice. It will take time. You have to lose some to learn what you don’t want and what you do want. When you do find the right partner or house in this case it is a constant work in progress. There will always be something that you would like to change or work on. You have to grow with the house and as you change you will want some things to change about the house. Don’t get discouraged by rejection get Encouraged. You are one step closer to your goal.

5) – Do not be in a hurry – You cannot rush such a major decision. You will be setting yourself up for disappointment. Just think about how often you hear a person say that they rushed into marriage and it was the wrong choice so they got divorced. Divorce is painful and can change someones life. Same with your house choice. Do not rush to get a tax credit or the interest rate that you have to have. All that will be there when the house you find comes around. whether you are 30 or 50 you did not miss the boat.

 6) – Be Emotionless – Yes, I know that this is much easier said than done. A better thing to say may be “don’t have unrealistic expectations.” Many times when you write your first offer you mentally move in. This means that when it is not accepted you have to move out or breakup. The song says “breaking up is hard to do.” If you leave out the emotion of the purchase and keep your furniture in your current residence until the loan is on record the process will feel better. I am not saying to not be excited I am simply saying to control the excitement. Contain to an acceptable level for you to handle. Try not to be too high or too low as each has its drawbacks.

Now that you know what to do in order to stay away from the House Hunting Blues I will leave you with the same words that my neighbor uttered to me this morning in the 36 degree weather “Go get em! Don’t Stop Now.”

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